Velvet Cacoon deserve som sort of troll-of-the-decade award for putting the internets through more than two years of frustration and despair. It now appears that Atropine, a completely ambient record, is again delayed but will be released ”soon”. P aa opal poere p.33 (or whatever) was the code name for a black metal/shoegaze record that was going to be called Anise Royale but Josh, the person behind the band, decided to never finish the project. He did however post the guitar tracks (some with bass) on the Full Moon Productions forum a while ago and I have reuploaded the files for anyone interested. These are not fake and regardless a quite tragic hint of what could have been an exceptional record. In fact, some tracks like Marylux are quite enjoyable even in their present stripped-down state.

Oh and the images in my previous posts about VC have turned out to depict a person completely unaffiliated with the band (and for all I know the one probably does as well, I just like it a lot).